Securing Your Home before Leaving on Holiday
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Christmas is close, which means criminals are already on the prowl. And with homeowners spending ample time away from home, it gives thieves plenty of opportunities to break in. You can follow the basic checklist below to help safeguard your home:

  • Ensure that your security system is in full working order. Contact us for advice on 01895 200200 or email
  • Connect outdoor lights to timers and motion sensors as an additional deterrent.
  • Check that all locks are in good working order.
  • Be discreet when packing your car. Do so behind closed doors — if possible, in your garage.
  • Before locking up, check all water outlets and electric sockets.
  • Ensure that you have not left a key on the inside of an exterior door that has glass panels or glass near the door lock.
  • Before setting off, double-check that you have locked and secured all windows and doors.
  • Don’t leave ladders, spades or tools outside, as these can be excellent break-in tools.
  • Stop all newspaper and other deliveries.
All of us at ISF wish you a very Happy Christmas and a successful and productive New Year.