Approved Intruder Alarm, Fire Alarm and CCTV monitoring that never sleeps

Intelligent Security and Fire provides round the clock protection of your home or business assets, with monitored intruder alarms, fire alarms and CCTV systems, tailored to your needs, which includes:

  • A full range of innovative security products that are stylish, future ready and easy to use;
  • Reliable Alarm Signalling and Professional Monitoring that ensures your security is always on even when you’re not;
  • App based convenience and control.

Insurance Approved

Intelligent Security and Fire is committed to meeting the highest standards of Intruder Alarm Remote Monitoring and we are proud to be accredited by the SSAIB (Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board). It’s your assurance that we meet all current British and European standards and the regulatory requirements set out by both the emergency services and UK insurance industry.

Keyholder, Police and Fire Services Response

In the event of an alarm activation, our accredited Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) will immediately notify all relevant parties including keyholders, Police and Fire Brigade service so that the appropriate level of emergency response is deployed without delay.

Takeovers and upgrade of existing systems

We also provide monitoring solutions for existing systems and offer free surveys and advice for any current systems requiring monitoring or looking to transfer their monitoring to a new provider.

BT PSTN switch off by 2025. Does this affect you?

BT’s analogue network in the UK, the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), is shutting down after decades of service. BT plans to complete the closure by 2025. BT’s analogue network (PSTN), which was created in the late 1800s, was used for telecommunications like phone calls and faxes and used by fire and security providers for sending alarm signals. BT later introduced the Integrated Service Digital Network (ISDN) to provide internet access that was faster than the original dial-up system. After decades of service in the UK, both of these networks will now permanently close as 40% of people have stopped using things like telephone landlines altogether. 

When an alarm is triggered at a remote site, or something unusual is detected by CCTV, a signal is sent via the PSTN phone line to a 24/7 monitored alarm receiving centre. These alert systems will need to be upgraded before the copper PSTN network is to be switched off.

Although 2025 seems so far away, it’s better to prepare for it now to avoid the risk of being stuck with an outdated security system that will be useless one day, and seemingly with no notice.

The PSTN will be closed in phases. Some analogue network exchanges have already been closed as part of a trial. Following the successful trial, there will be a “stop-sell” phase. This means that no more new services or devices will be connected to the old analogue network – which isn’t a problem if you’re installing a new system as most modern security solutions are digital anyway. 

After the stop-sell phase, the entire network will finally be shut-down for good. This means that any devices still connected to the analogue network will no longer be able to communicate. This is where the biggest risk occurs where your fire safety and security may be concerned. 

Modern systems won’t even notice “the big switch off”. However, if your home or business security system (including fire alarms, intruder alarms or CCTV systems) relies on the analogue network, it will need to be replaced or updated before the cut-off point. 

ISF are here to help. Contact us to determine if you will require an upgrade to your security system.