Dry Risers and Wet Risers

A dry riser is permanently installed pipework, ready to assist firefighters to combat a fire on the upper levels of a building. Dry risers allow large quantities of water to be pumped to various locations within the building, saving valuable time in an emergency.

The design of dry risers allows firefighters to connect their fire hose to the water inlet valve at ground level and pump water up the dry pipe to landing valves strategically located around the building.

Both dry riser and wet riser systems allow quick transportation of water to all floors of a building, ensuring the fire-brigade can respond quickly in the event of a fire.

Keeping up to date with fire safety rules and regulations as they are published, we ensure that your dry or wet riser system is fully compliant and maintained to the industry standards.

The difference between dry and wet risers

Dry risers need water supplied to them via a fire engine while wet risers have their own dedicated water supplies and automatic pumping systems able to provide the high pressures required.

Wet risers are typically installed in high rise buildings over fifty metres high. However, they can also be installed in buildings below this height where there is not enough space for a fire engine to get close to a building.

Service and maintenance

To comply with fire safety regulations set out in BS9990, dry and wet risers should be visually inspected every six months, with a full test once a year to ensure that the system would perform correctly in an emergency. The yearly inspection includes pressure testing of the pipes with water for at least 15 minutes, during which the pipes are checked for faults or leaks.

Dry and wet risers are often targets of vandalism, so regular service and inspections are vital in keeping your building safe. Our team of technicians are highly trained and equipped with all products and parts they may need to carry out quick repairs thus ensuring that your system remains in excellent working condition and fully compliant with all regulations.

Intelligent Security and Fire provide a Dry Riser and Wet Riser repair and maintenance service. For all your Dry and Wet Riser requirements contact Intelligent Security and Fire today.