Fire Safety Consultancy

Intelligent Security and Fire has over 25 years’ experience providing a range of fire protection, fire safety and fire engineering consultancy services.

Fires can happen at any time, often when they are least expected, and organisations can least afford them. Even a relatively small fire can impact on production or provision of services sufficiently for customers to leave in search of another supplier.

Over 75% of companies go out of business within two years following a serious fire.

There are over 60 fire statutes and licensing requirements that make up fire regulations in the UK. It can be daunting navigating your way through them to ensure your organisation is compliant.

We can help you to make sure you have met all your legal obligations including:

We have an extensive network of fire safety specialists who have experience in different areas of fire safety. This allows us to make sure we match your situation with the person whose knowledge and experience best fits your needs.

In addition to their fire safety knowledge, our advisers have commercial awareness and an understanding of the economic implications of any recommendations or remedial works. We always aim to balance commercial and economic needs with compliance, giving you practical and cost-effective solutions.

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