Intelligent Security and Fire offer a full range of quality turnstiles and entrance control solutions which are manufactured using high-quality processes and materials.

Whether its aesthetically pleasing glass wing speed lanes, tripod pedestals or full height twin turnstiles, UK Turnstiles have a product to fit all requirements and budgets.

We offer more than just turnstiles; we provide high quality and reliable products as well as excellent customer service and after sales support.

Why turnstiles?

Our turnstile solutions provide turnstiles for managing pedestrian access to a site or for controlling access to certain areas of a site and are ideal for unmanned premises or locations that are often left unsupervised.

How do automated turnstiles work?

Our systems use anti pass-back facilities, so if someone enters the site, they cannot pass the card through the turnstile to allow someone else to enter. They can also be fitted with biometric readers, ideal for sites that require speedy but secure access for a large amount of users daily.

Intelligent Security and Fire provide both manual and automatic turnstiles.

Automatic turnstiles

Automatic Turnstiles are ideal in situations where access needs to be controlled discriminately, as they can be integrated with Access Control systems including ID Cards and CCTV, allowing you to comprehensively monitor, record, and control movement of visitors onto the premises.

They can be configured for two directions of access and can be used for providing secure access control to your premises or to select areas.

Intelligent Security and Fire’s surveyors will be happy to discuss your needs and will recommend a solution that is cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing, and provides safe, secure pedestrian access.

Manual turnstiles

Manual turnstiles are ideal for providing a low-cost method of managing pedestrian access to a site, and are commonly seen in public transport stations, sports venues, and amusement parks. They frequently work using a ratchet mechanism to provide one-way access.

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