Simple Home Security Advice to Stay Secure
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Do you think your home is secure? It is worth knowing that in 2022 there was an average of 526 home burglaries per day in England and Wales!….
Alarm and CCTV Monitoring
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Intelligent Security and Fire provides round the clock protection of your home or business assets, with monitored intruder alarms, fire alarms and CCTV systems, tailored to your needs, which includes….
Single Door Access Control Keypads to Multi-Site Networked System
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Intelligent Security and Fire will provide access control specifically for your requirements from a single door access control keypad to a multi-site networked system controlling a thousand doors….
Problems with Locks?
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Intelligent Security and Fire have over 25 years’ experience providing locksmith services to our customers including locked out or lost keys, damaged or faulty locks….
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