Physical Door Security

Intelligent Security & Fire supply and install physical door security devices. These devices can be fitted to most types of door, in conjunction with any kind of lock, and are frequently recommended by the Police and crime prevention experts.

Frequently burglars can gain access through the weakest spot of the property- the door- by administering a single kick to it. This is because while a door may be solid and equipped with durable locks, all that needs to be sufficiently damaged to gain entry is the door’s moulding, which can leave a lock forced open.
Below are some of the products we can install to help prevent against this kind of attack:

The Birmingham Bar

The Birmingham Bar is a frame reinforcer designed to strengthen and protect a timber doorframe on one or both internal faces of an inward opening door. It can be easily used with existing locks and provides passive security so that it helps protect the property as soon as it is fitted and requires very little maintenance.

The Birmingham Bar can be fitted on the inward-facing side of the door frame, both next to the hinges and on the lock side if there is no rim lock staple (the box screwed onto a door frame to accept the bolts from a rim lock). It can also be fitted externally with the use of security screws.

The London Bar

The London Bar is a steel anti-burglary device similar to the Birmingham Bar, except that it is fitted with a 'D' shaped section to fit over the staple of a surface fitted rim lock or cylinder night latch.  It is screwed on to the inner face of the lock side of the frame and is designed to resist the kicking, splitting and forcing of the door.

Lock Guards

Intelligent Security & Fire can also provide lock guards as a means of adding security and strengthening a door against attack. They are especially useful in cases where a mortise lock has been fitted, as fitting a mortise lock involves drilling into, and removing pieces from, the frame of the door, which can weaken it. Lock guards consist of a set of plates that are bolted to one another, surrounding the lock.

Hinge Guards

Hinge Guards are used in a similar way to the Birmingham Bar in that they are designed to protect a hinge by providing reinforcement to the door. They are fitted to the inner door frame, adjacent to the hinges, and help protect them in the event of an attack on the door.

Frame Guards

Frame Guards function similarly to the London and Birmingham Bars in that they attach to the door frame in order to strengthen it. Frame guards, however, are shorter than Birmingham Bars and can be bolted through the frame in order to effectively ‘clad’ either the hinges or a mortise lock with steel.


Intelligent Security and Fire can help make your property a safer place by maintaining your Door Security measures with a 12-month Maintenance Contract that gives you access to our 24/7 call out facility. Should you need any advice or attention to the system, we are just a phone call away, no matter who installed it. We aim to respond to every call within 4 hours, and will ensure that everything is running smoothly.
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