Intelligent Security and Fire provides turnstiles for managing pedestrian access to a site or for controlling access to certain areas of a site.
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What is a Turnstile?

A turnstile is a gate used to allow one person at a time access to a particular area. These are ideal in situations where you need to provide one-way flow of visitors to a site, allowing access while preventing exiting. Turnstiles tend to be either waist-high or a ‘full height’ seven-foot tall. Full-height turnstiles provide a high level of security, and can allow either one-way or two-way access to a site.

Intelligent Security and Fire provide both manual and automatic turnstiles:

Manual Turnstiles

Manual turnstiles are ideal for providing a low-cost method of managing pedestrian access to a site, and are commonly seen in public transport stations, sports venues, and amusement parks. They frequently work using a ratchet mechanism to provide one-way access.
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Automatic Turnstiles

Automatic Turnstiles are ideal in situations where access needs to be controlled discriminately, as they can be integrated with Access Control systems including ID Cards and CCTV, allowing you to comprehensively monitor, record, and control movement of visitors onto the premises. They can be configured for two directions of access and can be used for providing secure access control to your premises or to select areas.
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Intelligent Security and Fire’s surveyors will be happy to discuss your needs and will recommend a solution that is cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing, and provides safe, secure pedestrian access.


Once your system is installed and you’re happy with its operation, Intelligent Security and Fire can offer a 12-month Maintenance Contract that gives you access to our 24/7 call out facility. Should you need any advice or attention to the systems, we are just a phone call away. We aim to respond to every call within 4 hours, and will ensure that your system keeps running smoothly.
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