Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

Intelligent Security and Fire can help make your property a safer place by installing and maintaining fire extinguishers as recommended by the Fire Protection Association.
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ISF's Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Service

Fire Extinguishers need to be carefully maintained in order to ensure that they work consistently and reliably when you need them. In order to conform to British Standard 5306:2003 Part 3, you should ensure that all fire extinguishers are inspected, serviced and properly maintained at least once a year, as fire extinguishers can be potentially faulty or dangerous if not properly serviced.

This yearly service checks that the extinguisher has retained more than 90% of its contents. This is checked by weighing the extinguisher.  The gauge will then be tested to ensure that the needle moves freely and that it shows the correct pressure. We will also check that the extinguisher is free of any external signs of damage or corrosion. Finally, we will lubricate any moving parts and replace the seals and o-rings on the extinguisher to prevent leakage.

Maintenance must be carried out by a competent engineer trained according to BS Standards, who will ensure that appliances are sited correctly, fully operational and not damaged. All of our Fire Extinguisher service engineers are BAFE SP101 certified, and maintenance record card attached to each extinguisher will be completed and signed at the time of the visit.

Our maintenance ensures that the device:

  • Is located in the designated place;
  • Is unobstructed, visible and its operating instructions face outwards;
  • Has operating instructions which are clean and legible;
  • Is not obviously damaged;
  • Has a reading in the operable range or position of any pressure gauge or indicator fitted;
  • Has seals and tamper indicators which are not broken or missing.
Water, Foam, Dry Powder and Wet Chemical Fire Extinguishers also require an extended service every five years. This consists of a controlled full discharge and recharge of the extinguisher. C02 extinguishers must be replaced every ten years.

12-Month Maintenance Contract

Intelligent Security and Fire offer a 12-month Maintenance Contract that gives you access to our 24/7 call out facility. Should you need any advice or attention to the systems, we are just a phone call away. We aim to respond to every call within 4 hours, and will ensure that your fire extinguisher maintenance is comprehensive and up-to-date.

For more information please call our Customer Service Team on: 01895 200200 to arrange for a free survey and quotation. Please have the number of extinguishers you have on hand when you call.
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