Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Safety Law

Intelligent Security and Fire carry out professional Fire Risk Assessments for both residential and commercial premises to ensure that you comply with your legal and insurance requirements

Under the Regulatory Reform Order 2005 (RRO), it is your responsibility as an employer or landlord to assess fire safety risks, implement measures to fight, detect and give warning of fire, plan exit routes and keep those routes clear of obstructions in order to ensure the safe evacuation of the building. The law applies to you if you are:

  • Responsible for a business premises
  • An employer or self-employed with business premises
  • Responsible for a part of a dwelling where that part is solely used for business purposes
  • A charity or voluntary organisation
  • Providing accommodation for paying guests

The responsible person must carry out a fire risk assessment and implement and maintain a fire management plan. A fire risk assessment ensures that you, as an individual, have taken all necessary steps to avoid fire from happening. Most insurance companies also require a Fire Risk Assessment to validate insurance policies.

Our Fire Risk Assessment Service

Fire risk assessments are not just a legal requirement, they can be time consuming, complex, often require specialist knowledge and opinion.

Our trained surveyors can provide fire risk assessments for residential and commercial premises.  Our surveyors will come to your property and complete your fire risk assessment quickly and easily and compile a detailed report for you to keep and review at regular intervals. We can also:

If you would like to discuss how Intelligent Security and Fire can help you with your fire risk assessment, please contact us today.