Security Tips for the Coming Darker Days and Nights
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September sees the autumn nights start to draw in, so please avoid making your home an easy target for burglars by taking these simple measures:

Most burglaries are carried out by opportunists. If a burglar sees a home in darkness during the evening, then it's a fair bet there's no-one in.

Fit a simple time-switch that triggers a light to come on about 20 mins before it gets dark (so today that will be approaching 8.00pm), and goes off at around 11.00pm.

A low-wattage LED bulb is enough to avoid your home standing out from the rest.

CCTV and/or a video doorbell is a big deterrent to burglars, as they don't know whether they have already been seen and the Police called.

If you have Infra-red CCTV cameras then the infra-red will come on as darkness falls, and many a good piece of evidential footage has been ruined by a spider's web reflecting the infra-red back into the lens.

Now is a good time to have your CCTV system serviced.
Cleaning your cameras, checking them to ensure that they record and play back for a minimum period and checking that the time and date is set correctly are some of the important tasks included in an annual CCTV service.

Intruder Alarm
If you have an intruder alarm, make sure you set it when leaving the house and again when going to bed.

If you don’t have an alarm system, consider getting one installed as they are one of the best security deterrents to would-be burglars.

The latest intruder alarms can be controlled from your mobile phone using the alarm app and cloud connection.

Other General Measures

  • Lift the handle on your PVC doors before locking
  • Fir security lights with PIRs in dark areas
  • Fit high quality door locks that are snap, pick and bump-proof
  • Remember to close and lock windows when out.
  • Don't leave ladders and other climbing aids such as wheelie bins near flat roofs or those of your neighbours
  • Lock side gates, keep front hedges low and protect any rear boundary.
Finally, ask a neighbour to check your letterbox if you're going away, and return the favour for them.

ISF are Here to Help
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