Scaffold Alarms

Intelligent Security & Fire can offer Scaffold Alarms as part of a comprehensive site security treatment. These alarms use volumetric beam detection zones in order to detect intruders, and when set off can contact you, dedicated security staff, or an Alarm Receiving Centre. We are also able to link the construction site to television monitoring systems to heighten the level of site security even further. Usually the scaffold alarms are attached to the scaffolding posts, so tampering with the scaffolding itself can be detected. This alarm will be triggered only by legitimate intruders- you do not have to worry about it being set off by the weather, debris, or small animals.  Most scaffold alarms are battery operated, although we can also provide solar powered scaffold alarms.
Intelligent Security and Fire security provide services for construction sites, building sites including intruder alarms, CCTV with 24Hr Remote monitoring and Access Control systems.


There are a number of advantages to installing scaffold alarms on any site you are working on:

  • The alarm can be easily set and reset
  • The alarm serves as an excellent deterrent to would-be intruders
  • Alarming your scaffold may be an essential requirement of your insurer
  • The alarm system can record the specific time of any incident
If you are considering installing a Scaffold Alarm System on your premises, Intelligent Security and Fire offer a free, no-obligation site survey so that you can find the security solution best fitted to your needs. One of our surveyors will visit the premises and use their expertise and your input to deliver a no-nonsense quote that will encompass labour, parts, and installation.

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